In front of 718 El Prado Sam and Sarah stopped for this photo op sitting on the steps in front of the last home Sarah lived in in Balboa, 718 El Prado.
Sam on El Prado Sam looks awfully tiny and alone standing in the middle of The Prado. The Administration Building appears off in the distance, and in the back, directly behind Sam, is the large timer showing the time left until the Canal is turned over to Panama.
Parking Lot on Causeway Sam and Steven stroll through the parking lot on Amador Causeway. There are two restaurants here now on this bit of land. The ride down the Causeway to this point didn't look anything like Sarah remembered. It was undergoing major construction by resort developers.
At the Napoli We stopped in an old haunt, the Napoli Restaurant in Panama City. It hasn't seemed to have changed at all. Sam and Steven hold a menu.
At Panama Viejo Sam explores Panama Viejo (Old Panama).
In El Valle On an afternoon off, the director, Bruce Quinn invited us to visit his home in El Valle. Here Sarah and Sam visit El Valle's well known market.
In front construction Sarah jots down some notes as the massive set of the Gala is constructed behind her. In the distance, behind the "locks," is the Goethels Memorial.
Backstage 1 Backstage during a performance, Sam (in costume) stops to chat with one of the dancers (also in costume). The building Sarah remembers as the Balboa Grade School was put into service as our dressing rooms/green room. (What a hoot it was for Sarah, all these years later, to be dressing in her first grade classroom!)
Backstage 2 Sam poses with several dancers.
Sarah sings Never Been Gone Sarah performs "Never Been Gone" at the Gala.
Sarah sings Always Summer Sarah sings "Always Summer" dressed in a costume based on a dress worn by Mrs. Gaillard, wife of a supervisor of construction of the Canal .
Company bow The company takes a bow at the end of the performance.
Sarah, Bruce, and Ruben Sarah in conversation with the director of the gala, Bruce Quinn, and Ruben Blades.

Sarah is Sarah Knapp.
Steven is Steven M. Alper.
Sam is Samuel Alper, at the time of these photos, 15 months old.