A deeply satisfying new musical, with much on its mind about history, humanity, man and God and the American Dream, is beckoning to theatergoers with a taste for rich characters in a tale that touches the heart, glows with humor and soothes the ear... [W]ith its splendid cast of four and its sensitive direction by Randal Myler... this show marks an auspicious beginning for CAP21... The pleasure of the show's music, with Sarah Knapp as lyricist and Steven M. Alper as composer, is that it is always at the service of its strong characters.... And the four principals do themselves, their collaborators and the generations of Hareliks proud.
- Lawrence Van Gelder, The New York Times

[T]here is a hell of a lot of fresh air blowing through the theatre... [Lyricist] Sarah Knapp... has shaped and structured her songs with truly astonishing maturity. Composer Steven M. Alper matches this sophistication with melodies, arrangements and orchestration... that add musical wit and heart to the verbal.... his is a lovely score... [A] turning point and breakthrough for what the small musical can do, for the subject matter it explores, and for its authors.
- David Spencer

Mark Harelik's text is based on his same-named play, which was one of the most-produced shows of the early 1990s. Now fashioned into an intimately scaled musical with a cast of four, The Immigrant may well achieve similar success all over again... Altogether, The Immigrant ably and affectionately delivers the goods.
- Michael Sommers
Newark Star-Ledger

[T]hose who respond to its potent combination of sentiment, craft, and integrity will be moved to tears time and again -- as were we.
The Siegals

Feel-good immigrant biography that sings.
- Gordon Cox

The making of a nation, a town, an extended family: In Mark Harelik's play-turned-musical The Immigrant, four emblematic characters represent almost anyone who calls himself 'American.' the musicalized version of Harelik's immensely popular tribute to his grandparents - in 1991, it was the most-produced play in the country - retains both the neat simplicity and emotional heft of its predecessor.
- Christine Dolen
Miami Herald

If you use creative talent as a yardstick [it's] a bounteous production... The at once complex and accessible score clicks into all the right places... An enjoyable, full-bodied experience...
- Elyse Sommer

[T]he score adds richly to the emotions and to the plot. Alper has a wonderful ear for musical styles of the period, which he incorporates into a score that sounds original and contemporary...  a score that looks for character explication rather than “numbers,” and it is consistently interesting.
- Christopher Byrne
Gay City News

Delightful, charming, uplifting and emotionally moving.
- Masha Leon
The Forward

Everything a musical should be!
- The Wall Street Journal/Zagat

"The Immigrant" is a journey as emotionally moving for the audience as its lead character's move from Belarus to Texas. Somehow this musical that tells a simple turn-of-the-century tale of friendship and assimilation turns out to be a powerful and meaningful exposition on the roots of racism and our common American humanity. It is a buoyant, heartbreaking achievement, and its simple goodness resonates much longer than its running time.
- John Moore, Denver Post

The Immigrant
, based on the play of the same name, is the story of a young Jewish immigrant who fled the pogroms of Czarist Russia in 1909 and pushed his banana cart into the tiny Baptist community of Hamilton, Texas. Given shelter by a childless older couple, he sends for his wife, raises a family, and makes this town his home. A true story of parents and children, newcomers and natives, Christians and Jews, and the realization of the American Dream.

The theatrical highlight of
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Jewish Life in America 1654 - 2004
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