Immigrant Giveaway!

In the spirit of sharing, we'll be giving away some items of potential interest from The Immigrant catalog.

This time:
How FingerprintMan Came to Be - a film

The poster art for The Immigrant's off-Broadway run was very stylized, but quite classy. The "fingerprint man" in the artwork led to a great deal of conjecture and good natured ribbing. This short film is Steven's explanation of the origin of FingerprintMan.

The original artwork design was by the Serino Coyne Inc. advertising agency. The film features Adam Heller as "the immigrant." The film was created using a Kodak EasyShare CX6330 digital still camera, Cheap-o-Scope (for conversion of the original QuickTime movie into Adobe Filmstrip format), Adobe Photoshop (for "compositing"), and Apple's iMovie.  The score (which is excerpts from The Immigrant) was created in MakeMusic's Finale software.

This has been posted for
non-commercial viewing. (Please contact The Gersh Agency for licensing information.)

Don't be scared! It's only a movie!

This film is © 2004 by Steven M. Alper
Music © 2004 by Mark Harelik, Sarah Knapp, and Steven M. Alper

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