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NEXT! : Auditioning for the Musical Theatre

by Steven M. Alper
illustrations by Herbert Knapp

published by GIRANDOLE BOOKS
New York, NY

originally published by Heinemann Books

from the cover:

Certain to strike a chord in any musical theatre hopeful, Steven M. Alper's concise guide for the actor auditioning for musicals contains extensive dos and don'ts, pitfalls to avoid, and rules that you should never break, along with suggestions on how to proceed on your own.

Chapters include:

NEXT!is the perfect reference book for actors old and new, filled with personal anecdotes and spoken with the dry wit of a true veteran of musical theatre. Insightful and candid, Alper provides a springboard into the exciting, sometimes frightening, and always interesting world of musical auditions.

Hey, Steve! I was just wondering...

...what an actor's resume should look like.

...can I write you with questions about auditioning?
Sure! Write me !

...what's up with that AOL address you published in your book? I tried sending and I get a notice that the message is undeliverable.
I had to close that account. It became total Spamsville, man! It got so cluttered with junk I couldn't find your questions amongst the solicitations and nastiness. So write me !

Horror Story

A new story to come...!

Got an audition horror story you'd like to share?

Join the famous and infamous whose stories appeared in the book. Do you have a nightmarish audition story you think we'd be interested in hearing about? Send it in and it could end up on this home page! I will gladly shield your real identity, as well as those of any evildoers you'd prefer not to offend. Just .

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