The Audition (a musical nightmare)
A Very Short Musical
with book and lyrics by
Sarah Knapp
and music by
Steven M. Alper

Marty's resume photo

Marty Sullivan, an actress --
although you can't tell she's a girl from her name
-- prepares for her audition for a musical
("What Should I Sing?").

She shows off her new pictures. 


  Then she is called into
the audition room.

 There is an Eating Man <mUnCh>,


   a Sleeping Man (zzzzZZZ),  Laurent Giroux sleeping
   several ominous looking
women in sunglasses,



 a Pianist:

 Mr. Alper, from an actual performance as The Pianist

[He explains to her what she needs to know about accompanists ("In My Hands").]

"Well. All right, then." She sings her audition song ("My Audition Song"). Bad things happen.
(She wasn't the right type anyhow.)

The Audition has been performed all over,
including Manhattan Class Company, Steve McGraw's, and CAP 21.

There are four principals, including the Pianist,
and 2 - 5 ominous women in sunglasses (although those roles may be omitted).
In addition to performing his role, the Pianist also accompanies the show.

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